FAQ on President Puppets

Q: How does it work?
A: Operating your President puppet is actually quite simple! The mouth is completely moveable as are the arms and hands. Insert your hand through the slot in the puppet's back to operate the mouth. If you are right handed, we recommend using your left hand to operate the mouth and your right hand to operate the arm rod. (If you are left handed, simply switch the rod to the puppet's left hand and reverse the instructions above.) To activate the sound box, simply press the button located on the top of the mouth board. You are now ready to perform your very own presidential speech! By the way, instructions are included on the tag of every puppet.

Q: What’s an arm rod?
A: The arm rod is the thin metal pole that comes with your puppet. It can be clipped onto either of the puppet’s hands to provide movement. You can wave, salute, blow kisses, fix his hair, etc. Additional arm rods can be purchased separately if you lose it or want to operate both hands at the same time.

Q: Can adult/child hands fit the puppets?
A: Yes, both adult and child hands can easily manipulate the puppet. The inner "pillow" lining helps to ensure snug and secure positioning of any size hand.

Q: What are the puppets made out of?
A: All of our puppets are made of soft polyester fibers. The head is constructed of fabric covered foam. The hair is sewn into place. Each mouth is fitted with a flexible plastic stiffener to ensure long lasting durability. The eyes are securely fastened to the puppet’s head as per toy industry regulations. Our puppets are made to last a lifetime.

Q: Do you sell other outfits/ are the clothes removable?
A: We are in the process of designing different outfits that can be purchased separately to redress your puppet. In the mean time, all of the clothing on our puppets is completely removable. They can be dressed in a child’s size 2T. The shirt and jacket are “tack-sewn” into place with three stitches around the neck- simply snip these tiny stitches to remove the clothes. The pants are attached with velcro.

Q: How many President puppets are currently available?
A: Right now only President George W. Bush puppet is available. We plan to “puppetize” additional Presidents in the near future. If you would like to tell us which President you would like to see be made into a puppet please send us an email at suggestions@presidentpuppets.com

Q: Why a puppet? / How did you come up with this idea?
A: We noticed that while there were a lot of political dolls on the market, most of them were made of plastic and were simply boring- they would just sit on the shelf as a “decoration”. Being puppet lovers ourselves, we wanted to design a puppet that would appeal to a large market- we thought President Bush was a great place to start. Furthermore, everybody seems to love puppets! They are extremely visual and interactive. An endless amount of fun can be had manipulating the puppet- your imagination is your only limit. Making it additionally fun and unique is the sound box that features 25 different sound clips pulled from actual speeches and interviews. The clips include a mix of President Bush’s more patriotic phrases about America and the war on terrorism, as well as fun “Bushisms”.

Q: Can the batteries be replaced?
A: Yes. Although they are designed to last a long time, they can easily be changed. Simply separate the Velcro lining in the puppet’s stomach to access the sound box. Three button type batteries are used and can commonly be found in most electronic stores...

Q: How do I clean the puppet?
A: We recommend surface cleaning only. Use a damp cloth and blot the area that has become dirty with cool water. If water alone does not remove the stain, add a dab of liquid laundry soap. Be sure to rinse the soap out and dry thoroughly to avoid any discoloration.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: Yes, to resale businesses only. Please email us your name and phone number along with a brief note as to where you are interested in selling our puppets. Send your request to wholesale@presidentpuppets.com A representative from our company will be in contact with you shortly.

Q: Do you make custom designs? / Can you make a puppet of my Uncle Bob?
A: Unfortunately we are not taking on custom design orders for single puppets at this time. If you are looking for different types and styles of puppets check out our sister site at www.sillypuppets.com

Q: Which political party do you endorse?
A: Neither. We hope our puppets help promote democracy and get people interested in our government and how it works. If it takes a puppet to get people involved so be it. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, too!

If you have a question we have not answered please email us: info@presidentpuppets.com

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