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Contact: Robert Korsen
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President Bush Puppet Hot Election Item

New York, NY — Those who have accused President Bush of being a political puppet are finally right. is announcing the launch of a President George W. Bush puppet. Incredibly detailed and lifelike, the “Muppet” style plush hand puppet featuring President Bush’s likeness is the first of its kind.

Making it additionally fun and unique is the puppet will feature 25 different sound clips pulled from actual speeches and interviews. Including a mix of President Bush’s more patriotic phrases about America and the war on terrorism, as well as fun “Bushisms,” the puppet will appeal to both Republicans and Democrats. Activated by pushing a button located within the mouth, one can have their very own walking and talking “Dubya!”

Highlights include:
• “I'm George (Dubya) Bush”
• “We will support our troops”
• “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists”
• “Everybody loves you and so do I”
• “Uh, I've been the Governor of a big state”
• “A few of our corporate citizens thought they could, uh, fudge the numbers”
• “And so I take my, I take my, my responsibilities seriously”
• “I did a lot through an executive order the other day”

Furthering one’s ability to realistically manipulate the puppet is a metal performance rod attached to the right arm. It allows one to make expressive gestures, such as saluting or waving to the adoring public.

"People are amazed and swarm to the puppet whenever they see it," according to Robert Korsen, President of “They all want to make their very own presidential speech. We are happy to create an interactive novelty item that will surely generate interest across the political spectrum.”

Approximately 2.5 feet tall, the President Bush puppet comes fully dressed in a black pinstriped suit, shoes, white shirt and red tie. All of the clothes are removable, allowing one to redress the president as they so choose (children’s size two). Multiple outfits are also currently being created and will be available by the holiday season.

Destined to become a collector’s item, the President Bush puppet can be shipped in time for the big election and is available for pre-order at for $39.95.

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