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President George W. Bush Puppet
43rd President    |    Republican

Our President George W. Bush puppet comes completely dressed as shown. He is wearing a very fashionable pin-striped suit complete with white dress shirt, red tie, and black shoes. Of course he proudly wears the American flag on his suit too! His entire outfit is completely removable and can be redressed with toddler size 2 clothing. Stands 28 inches tall.

Operating your President puppet is actually quite simple! The mouth is completely moveable as are the arms and hands. Insert your hand through the slot in the puppet's back to open and close the mouth. The arm rod is used to move the hands and arms. With simple movements of the rod you can make your puppet wave, salute, blow kisses, fix his hair, etc. Activate the sound box by pushing the button located in the mouth. You are now ready to perform your own Presidential speech!

Only $19.95

Sound Bytes
Click on the icon to hear samples

  I'm George W.(dubya) Bush

We will support our troops

  I, I, said that I'd make sure that uh, that uh

  Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists

  We will do, we will do, we will do what it takes militarily

Only $19.95

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